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20 Modern Marketing Stats — It's All About Revenue: The Revenue Marketing Blog

Chart/table from: CMOs Bullish About Social Media Spending

(via Where Are Social Media Budgets Coming From?)

1 in 5 Large Companies Say They’re Losing Money on Social Media (But Twice As Many Are Cashing In)

Instagram to debut ads next week | Internet & Media - CNET News

This is pretty good IMHO

"LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD), the professional-networking site with more than 238 million members, expects half its users to access the service from mobile devices next year, up from 38 percent today."

- LinkedIn Says Half of Users to Come Via Mobile Next Year - Bloomberg

Goodbye PTAT: A Breakdown of the Changes to Facebook’s New Insights | Simply Measured

Adobe Presenter 8: Tech Tips for Using Adobe Presenter Video Creator (by AdobeELearning)

Fantastic info (via More than half of companies use social media for internal communication)